José Krijnen (1972) studied Fine Art at the Royal Academy of The Hague and successfully finished her studies in 2015. Working in an elderly home as a humanistic chaplain she has always been interested in being human and constructing meaning. As a painter she named herself an archaeologist of Human Gesture. Bacon (1561 - 1626) calls 'gesture' a transient hieroglyph. The human gesture is an ambiguous phenomenon – timeless but passing, cultural, yet universal. It is ever-present in art history, yet bound by context and time. It is beautiful and bizarre, full but also empty. The artist creates her individual language of gesture by painting cropped images of people with a particular focus on the detail of the clothing they are wearing. The patterns and the figures compete for our focus. 

After the exhibition 'Elvis has left the building' (autumn 2019) - about 'the sizzling presence of the absence' - the artist feels the urge to investigate this theme in a more phenomenological way. The way structures, patterns and power-relations weave our lives and shape the texture of our identity is after a study of Ethics of Care (2019) the focus of interest. José chooses to take time for this research on different levels. In time she will create a place you can follow her research. 


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