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The paintings and drawings from José Krijnen (1972) act as an abandoned stage where echo’s resound in the form of costumes, postures, gestures, and patterns. Her work forms a reflection on the sizzling presence of the absence. Faces are not shown so as to avoid them immediately adding an individual flavor to an experience that has already passed by.The handcrafted character of the work shows the time and the attention the artist takes to realise her work. Persistently she takes notice of all details.

In the process the work develops as a collage where  the patterns and the figures compete for our focus. 




Fine Art, Royal Academy for Fine Art The Hague, 2015.

Humanistic Studies, Universiteit voor Humanistiek, Utrecht 1999.




  • Elvis has left the building. Kunstloc, Tilburg (group);

  • !00% Female, White Art Cube, Alkmaar (group);

  • European Artists,. Dozygan Gallery, Shenyan, China.


  • Multi-Kulti, Neurenbergerhuis. Curators: Dom Norymberski & Olympia Galeria in Krakow, Polen (group);

  • Update, Arti en Amiticae,  Amsterdam (group);

  • Schwarzmalen 3. Happy Crowd, Art Chapel, Amsterdam (group).


  • Contemporary Art Europe - China, LanLan Gallery, Xiamen, China (group);

  • Archeology of human gesture, José Krijnen, University of Arts, Hohhot, Inner-Mongolië, China (solo);

  • Art for Animals Sake, Amsterdam (group);

  • Personal Relations, Mirror Gallery, Vicenza, Italie (group).


  • Personal relations, Cellofactory, London (group);

  • Het gebaar, Gallery Joghem, Sanquin, Amsterdam (solo);

  • Het gebaar, Zon MW, The Hague (solo);

  • Circular Argument, Sis Josip gallery, The Hague (solo);

  • Wat er is, WTC gallery, Rotterdam (duo);

  • Het gebaar, Sociaal Economische Raad, The Hague (solo);

  • Fashion & Art, Sis Josip gallery, The Hague (groep);

  • Museumnacht Sis Josip gallery, The Hague (groep);

  • Graduation Festival, Koninklijke Academie voor Beeldende Kusnten Den haag (graduation); 

  • Masterclass Marcel van Eeden & Barbara Seiler, gallerie Konklijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten Den Haag (groep/ selected).


  • We are here, Baztille, Zoetermeer (groep);

  • Contemporary Art China - Holland, Xiamen, China (groep);

  • The Isenheim Altarpiece, Museum voor Religieuze Kunst, Uden (groep);

  • EvergreenZ, Terratorium, Zoetermeer Zie https://terra-artprojects.com/2013-evergreenz/


  • Fine Art, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, 2012-2015;

  • Humanistiek, Universiteit voor Humanistiek, Utrecht, 1993-1999.​


  • Katalog Bogatka, Motelski, Vetulani, Krijnen. Art with no borders, European art,  Art connecting people, 27-09-19.10.2018 - Krakow - Dom Norymberki;

  • Cross-Straits Arts, cultural-ecological research, 2018, Cheng Yuan;

  • Toward the “global village”, shaping the world: looking into new directions of international contemporary art from new practices of intertextuality in the works of José Krijnen by professor,  Art Observation 2016-05, Cheng Yuan.​


• Sanquin;

• MC Haaglanden;

• Jemei University, Xiamen, China;

• private collections.


STIP-subsidie (2016, 2017), STROOM Den Haag.


  • Gastdocent Beeldende Kunst (eindexamenstudenten),  Academy of Arts, Hohhot, Inner-Mongolië, China (2017);

  • Projectleider ‘Niet van Gisteren’ http://soundtreks.nl/nietvangisteren/ en ‘De Gouden Draad’ https://degoudendraad.wordpress.com/;

  • Lezing: ‘Archeology of human gesture’, Academy of Arts, Hohhot, Inner-Mongolië, China, 2017;

  • Genomineerd Buning Brongers Prijs, 2016; 

  • Residentie Jemei University, Xiamen, China, 2014;

  • Lezingen Zhangzhou University and Jemei University Xiamen, China, 2014;

  • Adviseur programmaraad Human, 2005-2011;

  • Kunsteducatie & kinderfilosofie in diverse musea, 2005-2012.